Anger Anger Everywhere.. part 1

Have you been yelled at for no reason? Have you gone bonkers over someone or something for no reason? Why do you think your anger is justified but are furious when others are angry at you? Why do you think others believe you have a foul temper and you think otherwise? When was the last time you smiled instead of being angry at something?Why is it so easy to be angry? why?why?

Anger is multidimensional, powerful,unconditional,blind however, unfortunately the most destructive emotion, then why are we so obsessed with it? What is it that is stopping us from getting rid of this emotion?

Anger is a natural human emotion and is nature’s way of empowering us to “fend off” our perception of an attack or threat to our well being. The problem is not anger, the problem is our failure to understand anger.I don’t think nature gave us a powerful emotion as anger to use it for some counter attacking game plan. Anger certainly is not the fabricator’s version of a flawed design. I believe its purpose is and perhaps disparate.

Once a certain Mohan was thrown out of a train he was angry and fuming man as he dusted the dirt of his coat. we all know what he did with his anger, he gave birth to an unresearched and untested yet most successful formula to fight for freedom. Mohan would have never become Mahatma if he wasn’t angry with the events around him. If Mohan could do it why not us? atleast impact our families and friends. Why so difficult friend?

Understanding anger needs self awareness and I guess every sane person has the ability to decipher it. As we grow up anger is one emotion which is least explained or appreciated. I have always seen my parents get angry with me whenever I got angry. They made no efforts to explain the consequence of anger, I was always forced to supress my anger. Now that is probably one way of managing anger however not the right way. I could never understand anger, it worked in my mind but never came up due to the fear of severe backlash. I am sure lot of us might have encountered similar issues. Most would have chosen to revolt and turn it on to add fuel to their fury. The seed of anger is defnitely part of our genetics however our environment and people around us impact much more.

[[How to understand your anger? Watch out for updates]]