Television to Televirus

Tears rolling down rapidly, a wry smile adding to the diabolical adventure. World of scripted drama leading to some magnificent characters big, black,white, short, fat, ugly, slimy, tough, immatured, devilish and rarely charming and lovable. In the last few weeks I spent countless seconds gazing, mulling at the tireless efforts of protagonist trying to provoke, entice, lure, bribe me to buy in few TRPs. Having seen Television shows evolve in the last decade it’s now left to few blood (TRP) thirsty vampires trying to suck away every drop of blood.

I still remember those days,weeks,months,years we at home spent watching just 2 TV channels. I always used to complain about virtually nothing to choose from. I have spent frustrating hours watching mindless TV content (Of course there was equally brilliant stuff occassionally). Worst was I and my sisters have had many a fight just to watch a particular Channel (I wonder, What if there were 40 channels to choose from, my guess is I would have been much leaner).

My fascination towards TV started early however the emergence of cable television was the turning point. From waiting hours for my favourite weekly show to access to unlimited content at the punch of a button, TV viewing experience had changed forever. The experience factor scaled new heights but the joy factor was slowly evaporating. Mindless, Idiotic tele serials took centre stage, energy sapping episodes, baggage of emotions, overdose of make up and glycerine left a sour taste.

Ever wondered how much the wired box has impacted your life? Am sure most of us would have lied, befooled friends, family and perhaps girl friends/boy friends just to catch a show in television. Now that’s exactly the reason why I call TV a virus. Just as a virus burns down your body, TV has steadily dented our lives supplementing real emotions, people, pets and perhaps everything under the sun (sun included).[[More to come]]