The "Hussein" Factor

2231 hrs IST, January 20,2009 what I and millions of people across the world watched in awe was a classic piece of history. A black man born to a muslim father was sworn in the president of the most powerful nation in the world-United States of America.

Barack “Hussein” Obama sealed his place in world history by doing the unthinkable. Even if he fails miserably as a president for me he will forever remain an insipiration. His extraordinary skill to sell his vision and passion for his country is a lesson for marketers and politicians alike. The euphoria and expectations surrounding him is similar to Sachin’s aura in the cricketing arena. I have not seen anyone since Sachin Tendulkar to grab my unconditional attention, I have tuned into news channels and searched internet like a hawk to learn more about him. I clearly remember the day he won the primaries I rushed to work to watch his speech (it was webcast live on almost all news portals), trust me it was worth the adrenalin .For me there is no parllel to his galactic rise, atleast no one in recent history comes to mind.

The first time I heard about President Obama was from a common friend. He was very critical about him, that’s where I learnt about his muslim connection. “Amercia would never vote for a half muslim” he made this statement when Obama filed for the primaries. By the time the race had closed in against Ms.Clinton my friend was clearly eeked by the response to obama’s campaign. Personally I think it’s ridiculous to stereotype people based on their caste, community, faith, religion, skin or sex. Just because someone is born in a certain family doesn’t make him any lesser. Far from my friends narrow minded obama bashing, he was charming hearts across the globe.

Americans never fail to surprise me just when it looked like race would be a major barrier, people of America voted for “Change”. For that to happen President Obama had to shatter conventional beliefs and inspire his country men to see through his skin color and descent. Road shows, billboards, online videos, emails, blogs multiple channels of communications were employed however it was Obama’s simplicity as a human being that sealed the deal. I remember watching an interview of his wife Michelle Obama, When asked about what prompted her to marry barack She replied, ” After our first date we walked together and he spoke of things which were simple yet enthralling” she closed the question by saying “I was sold right away”, she knew Obama was the right man. Obama convinced her in matter of hours and they are married for the last 17 years now. If he were a fake am sure his marraige wouldn’t have lasted this long. This is one of aspect of obama’s life which allows me to believe that he would deliver, he did it with his family. I “hope” he will for his country and the world.

If I were to make a profecy about President Obama. I forsee in the next century his portrait will find place in the currency notes and perhaps kids of that generation would find it difficult to believe a person like him with such astonishing self-belief ever lived in flesh and blood. I sincerely “hope” his charismatic approach translates into the “Change” the entire world is yearning to see.