The masters of the universe

What’s the difference between you and us? “I don’t wear hockey pants”

That’s batman for you. In his dark deep bass tone. The dark night, the outcast, the masked hero. I am sure we all fancied being superheroes as kids and perhaps even as grown ups.

My fascination towards superheroes started quite early, heroes like He-Man and Captain Marvel always got me excited.

I particularly enjoyed the larger the life frame where Adam raises his sword and proclaims “
By the power of grayskull..I have the power” sparks fly around tranforming
his tiger into a mighty battle cat and Adam becomes He-Man “the most powerful man in the universe” (wow, I like that branding. I have been craving to be one but right now am at the other end of the spectrum). Then there was the lesser popular Captain Marvel (Shazam!) as a kid I was glued to his charismatic smile( you will always find him smiling even if he is surrounded by scores of baddies). He too is blessed with superpowers and has battery of juniors working for him.

Not to forget the not so popular superheroines supergirl, batwoman, Elasti-girl have charmed boys and men across the globe with their endearing smile, curvaceous bodies, killer looks a

nd most importantly their kick ass stunts and mesmerizing counter attacking skills. How I wish I had a girl friend like them, I don’t see luck gods smiling enough on me.

I am sure most of us went crazy whenever a power cut halted us from watching our favourite superhero beat the pulp of the goons. There is something about superheros which none of us would ever forget the aura, the death defying stunts, jaw dropping action sequences and not to mention the heart of gold(I guess most superheroes had E.T. origin) always there to help kids and elders alike. I havn’t seen any fancy dress competition complete with out a superhero clone. A friend of mine made an infamous superman act in his loose semi red underwear, it was loose enough to evoke plenty of giggles from the girls. On a different day I saw a 3 foot batman struggling to keep his mask from covering his eyes(come on boy, bat is blind right) and bickering away at the older bullies. I am dead sure each one of us have millions of such superhero memories.

What’s sad is though we watched them in awe, chatted hours with friends about the extraordinary stunts, mimiced their mannerisms, dreamt about owning puffed up muscles and superpowers yet never learnt the nicer lessons. I have never heard a friend tell me “Naren, Superman doesn’t smoke or drink yet he’s macho and stylish, I want to be like him”. Guess just where the superheros had to be taken seriously the 2-d world failed to go beyond the human evils, my superheroes won the battle but lost the war.