Ring the bell

Of late I have been greatly moved by a TV campaign. I am sure it might have caught your attention too (especially men, as it is targeted at us). It’s the “Bell Bajao” (Ring the Bell) campaign, pursing young men to take stand against domestic violence.

In a country where women have scaled great heights right from early history grim realities like violence, abuse, discrimination, cruelty cannot be discounted. It’s rather strange where and how the tables were turned upon women. Somewhere a pack of dominant, power hungry men decided to push women down, stamp their authority and successfuly labeled it as act of god. Ever since as a kid I have been deeply pained by the acrimonious acts against women. Having been raised in a family where women were in majority respect for women came naturally. I always found it to hard to understand why the second grade treatment? Despite playing multiple roles and handling unbeliveable amounts of responsibilty, women never get their due and worst the suffering, abuse is beyond sympathetic levels.I don’t know a single women who hasn’t been a victim of domestic violence directly or indirectly.

The study attached to “Bell Bajao” shook me further. The results are absolutely alarming. 51% of men (bachelors included) think hitting their wives is acceptable, that’s every second man. I was shocked. Is this what we think about our women? Is this how we want to treat women? Is this what we learnt at our schools? Is this what our moms taught us? ridiculous. Is this what you call being a man, beating a lady!
such a shame.

The campaign rightly targets youngsters for good reasons, it rightly educates young men to stand up against violence next door and hopefully drilling in the right things so that they don’t go around beating their wives in future(wise move, must congratulate the “Bell Bajao” team for getting the target market right). I am sure young men are more and more sensitive to the needs of women and we value women much more than the previous generations. However all’s not right because I have lot of friends who resorted to man handling and brutal behaviour with their girl friends, what’s further alarming is most girls just allowed these freaky insecure guys to ride their lives.

Half the domestic violence would end if women took a stand early in their relationship. what do you think social welfare groups or cops their for? they are here to help you. In our society where women are taught from early age to “adjust” (read: adjust to male dominance) should seriously reconsider the premitive thought. Why should you wait for a neighbour to “ring the bell” to stop the violence. Time to rise against the idiots has come, there is no point hoping that your man would change one fine day. Kick him or leave him, if you ever thought keeping quite and turning into a punching bag will help, yes, it will help him become a better boxer. I have few female friends battered by their boy friends claiming they still love their men. I wonder when violence became form of love. Please grow up girls, your men are mere crazy chavunists. I hope some day all you women would be blessed to see through men, wonder how most fall for the bad guys.

As of the guys, dudes better change, otherwise I might have to see lot of us behind bars. Stop believing women are your slaves. Appreciate their value, their contribution, their sacrifices, you would have never been born if a woman hadn’t got the resolve to nurse you for 9months. Show some respect. You want to be a man then get ready to ring the bell a woman next door might need your help. Time for change is here. I appeal young men to introspect and re-look at how we treat our women. They are most lovavle beings in our planet why distress them, spread the message of love and affection.

A thought to share with all men – “Kya insaan bane rehana itna muskil hai”..

Join the “Bell Bajao” campaign and voice out @ http://www.bellbajao.org/