Upgrade 2009

Things are running away way too quickly. It is like only yesterday it was Jan 02,2009 and suddenly September 02 is closeby. 8 months of absolute chaos, messmerisim, love, growth, shock, awe and at times plain stupidity. Tough life, charmed life all in one package. Looking back at few important additions, people are what come top of the list. I met handful of interesting people, few am sure I would love to continue the association forever and few obviously would fade away with time. It’s wonderful knowing new people particularly fascinated by little ones, especially Meghana. She’s the most endearing baby I known since ever so lovely blessie.

In Past few months I been Put into series of new situation, I found my temperment tested repeatedly and ivariably failed. I explored the dark side of my otherwise self constructed calm shell. I realized there is lot more to learn and nurture. I guess after a certain point of time I got complacent and was happy with the skill set I possessed ( which in itself was flawed and restricted ). New people, newer scenarios exposed much of my hidden weaknesses. Surprisingly, I found myself lot more angrier and violent than What I preassumed to be. I guess there is some connection with the DNA ( Apparently, the community I am born into has a history of flaring temper and outrageous behavior, not to be confused with bravery, many a times plain idiotic conduct ). I happened to hurt few people in the process, I havn’t been able to apologize to all of them, guess not brave enough to put up a sorry face.

Handling and dealing people has been the biggest learning since January. What’s disappointing is I failed more often than ever before. Failing is not something which ever used to cross my mind. I don’t remember preparing for any school or college exam or an interview or some presentation etc thinking about failure. I don’t believe in conventional ” Prepare for the worst” it’s for losers, who know they are going to fail. Moreover, Like most of us I too was never oriented to see failures. However, the rate at which I failed in people related issues has been alarming. High time I went in for a skill upgrade and more importantly be a “little” more sensitive to people’s emotions.

Guess, now you know how I intend to spend the next few months, UPGRADE ( high time Narendra, this pedestriant attitude won’t help any longer, you going to be 27 dude ). I assigned few mentors to help me through the process, looking forward to a successful upgrade.