Happy, Sorry and Thankful

Last friday I was chatting with an old friend, perhaps the first time we ever chatted online. Apparently, I never prefer to chat with someone who’s just a phone call away. However, since I was bound by few other factors, I decided to continue the chat. We guys were pulling each others leg, making fun of our friends, talking about our college days, speculating about future blah blah. It was gliding away smoothly

As time ticked we reached a point where we had to discuss about something unfortunate that happened between us. It’s something we never dared to confront face to face. Infact when all that nervous chaos happened, we used to stay in the same house but we weren’t talking much, there was a weird sense of tension, his face sported a disappointing look. Sadly, we never spoke about it then. Something had happened, perhaps I said something or did something which upset him. Just didn’t have the courage to talk about it. He too never brought it up instead he calmly moved out of our domain to join pals from his home town. Things moved on, we got back to college, time passed we finished our college, we went back to our respective cities and life moved on. However,the mystery of those days always lingered in my mind, it’s one of those sour memories which was never addressed. This dude has an important part in my life history, without his association I would have struggled through my journey in Delhi, he made my life really really simple ( that is an understatement ) He brought so much energy, imagination and much needed crazy streak to our otherwise quiet domain ( My other roomie n I were absolute duds, the loudest noise we made was a sneeze ) He was stylish. modern, freaky, wild, quick and absolutely hilarious, his lively chirp and pyrotechnics created a huge buzz. For me he was more like an elder brother, he helped me through potentially difficult times with seamless ease. I’ll always remain indebted to his selfless contribution.

Coming back to the chat, I mustered little courage and decided to ask him about that period. Now, what he said really struck me he refused to blame me for anything, I was trying to dig deep but he was really gracious and in a way took all the blame by himself. I refuse to accept that I wasn’t at any fault, it’s sad that I am not able to decipher from my memory bits on what and where I went wrong . but dude you truly saved me from a major embarassment, it might have been a little act of consuming and covering up for a friend but guess that’s how Indians are raised, just refuse to let down friends or blame their friends and loved ones. I really appreciate your large hearted generosity of forgiving me and being a good friend. Dude, I failed many a times to be a good friend, I hope to improve with time. I am sorry for that disappointing phase. Honestly, I just don’t know what had happened. I know I can never repay the kindness you exhibited, however, I hope I would never bring in disappointment in any form, guess that’s the least I can do.

Happy and thankful for having a friend, a brother like you. Hope to share many more happy moments in times to come.