Rejection of the month

When I woke up after my sunday afternoon nap, their was just one thought in my mind – MEGHANA, Very badly wanted to see little meghana, It had a been a while since i got to see her. Quickly washed my face, pulled out my mobile and asked mom to inform meghana’s grandmom we would drop in ( wanted to ensure the little moron wasn’t asleep ). Since she lives in the same apartment complex mom and I were there in a flash. I as usual excited to the core to see her, press her round nose and rub her soft cheeks.

As we stepped in she took immediate notice of me and in no time her facial expressions had gone from 🙂 to 😦 She is just 8 months but looks like she can sense the evil inside me, she blazed away towards her gradmom as she broke into a huge cry. In 5 seconds flat the effervescent blob inside me went bust, I actually felt sad, I wasn’t expecting a pretty girl to scream and run away after seeing me ( Can’t you see, I look cute like the miranda man ). I sat there in the couch glaring at her dumb looks, she would give that occassional “uneducated” gaze and look away.

After a while mom got hold of her, it was time for me to pounce on her. poking her limbs, gently tugging her tiny fingers, pulling her big ears. I like it. However, she clearly looked annoyed, just that she wasn’t crying, she would hardly turn her face towards me, even when she did she gave this DO-NOT-TOUCH me look. I was trying my best to be nice and funny but as I said she’s uneducated doesn’t appreciate my sense of humor, worse she doesn’t even pretend to like it, out right rejected.

After a cup of coffee, a bowl on crunchy chips and about 100 minutes of fruitless attempts to catch her attention, I decided to give up for the day. She in the meantime gobbled up a cup of cerelac, peed once, bandged her head against a toy, weeped a lot and gave away countless snobbish stares..hmmmmmmmmm
Little meghana, I don’t care what you think about me, I’ll come back again and again and try again to win you heart. I’m sure their will be a day you would say “no no, I don’t want to go home, I want to play barbie game with uncle kumar” and that day I will be an extremely happy man.

You know what little meghana when we stepped out, mom n I bumped into a cool little dude-Rishi, he looks absolutely handsome, loads of energy, funny helmet like skull and unlike you he smiles and giggles generously. Guess you should keep an eye on him as you grow along. He could be your potential boyfriend, he can play a perfect foil to your dumb sleepy uneducated looks..hehehehhehee