Twitted out

“Cattle Class” remark of Mr.Tharoor has sent politicians and media into a frenzy. Debates from all directions trying to disect Mr.Tharoor from all angles. My favorite piece is one revloving around sense of humor. A news channel was rolling a show about the sense of humor of Indians. Now something like cattle class remark from a minister of state on a social platform, what should be made out of it? Who defines what is humor? Is Mr.Tharoor right in posting such a tweet?

Humor aspect, I personally don’t believe Indians have the best sense of humor. What’s funny in Tamil Nadu isn’t funny in Kerala, What’s hilarious in Manipur is bland in Gujrat. With a mix and match of zillions of cultures, beliefs, language and countless other dimension, sensibilities vary across our land. Even from my little experience I have seen how diffrent people from different backgrounds react to perceived humor. Naturally humor is uneven, imbalanced and perhaps deficient. In India 1+1 is never 2 ( I am not talking about mathematics ) answer can be anything, interpretations vary..hehehehhee

Personally I am little confused over the tweet turbulence. Our fundamental rights allow us to speak our mind ( Freedom of speech you see ). So as per that Mr.Tharoor has done no wrong, he spoke his mind, in fact it’s just a cheeky reply to a (t)witty question. On the other end are the sensibilities of common man, has he hurt the common man for whom even cattle class is a huge luxury, were the interest of common man taken for a ride? As a public figure and a highly learned man should he be excercising more restraint? hmmmmmm.. Can’t follow this puzzle. However, I am slightly in favor of Mr.Tharoor. India is a free country anyone can say what they want. Yes, it’s an unwelcome comment but he’s free to do it. So are the policitians, free to hit out, free to press for his termination. It’s a free country. So Mr.Tharoor as for me your tweets are welcome, Mr.Gehlot your demands for his resignation is double welcome and Mr.Goswami ( Times Now ) you are more than welcome to slam twittharoor, I like your monkey business.