23rd september ’09 that makes it 27. Feeling old already. A quiet day as most of my birthday’s have been. I got to do simple things as usual. The best piece, I got to wish 2 other people who share the same birthday. The worst piece, I missed out a little girls 1st birthday party ( Happy birthday Hasini ). However, nothing makes me more happy than spending time with kids. I spent good 2 hours with blessen, played a re-engineered version of cricket, where I lost almost all the matches, tired of loosing shifted to a catching practice, that got one sided as well. He beat me 50-38. He wants me to improve my catching, I promised him I would improve my fitness and beat him in all the matches once he’s back from his holidays. Blessie joined in towards the later stages, she reminded me of my school days, oliver twist story, letter writing, essay writing, chemistry hmmmmmm nice. The defining moments of the day belong to none other than Meghana, pictures say the entire story

Take 1: Birthday boy, so what, you get my usual snob

Take 2: Shooooooooooo

Take 3: Shoooooooo Shoooooooooooooooooooo

Take 4: She had enough, turned away completely

Take 5: Few things don’t change with Age, Rejected yet again

But you see it’s my birthday and a smile is never too far. Finally towards the end of the day, Mom gave me the best moment of my 27th birthday. She made me look like a true “REDDY”