Evergreen Dev Anand

Watching Dev Anand sway around, jump like a rabbit with his cumpulsive nod of the head is perhaps the most fascinating sight in hindi cinema history. I guess no one’s initiation to hindi cinema is complete without a Dev Anand movie. I like all started watching his movies quite early ( thanks to Doordarshan ). I remember he was a big hit among kids especially for his style and mannerisms.

Anyone who has seen Dev Anand do his typical moves can’t stop rooting or hating him. I for sure absolutely adore his onscreen ways. Simply put he’s magical, it’s largely believed that Dev was a poor “actor” and often shamed his way through lot of his scenes but hey who needs a “actor” he’s an entertainer and he provided great entertainment ( still does, just that they are more of unintended comedies ). There is something about his screen presence which perhaps only BIG B has bettered, it’s gripping, you don’t feel like blinking your eyes, don’t want to miss a frame. Dev has an imminent sense of style, his suave and classy looks with dash of ruggedness and rubbery free style body movements makes him a lovable watch. It appealed to one and all, right from the rickshawala to the babu in the merc, it still appeals to me and 2000+ fans on orkut just goes to suggest he’s still a favourite among the younger lot. I must admit I havn’t seen most of b/w movies because I find monocolor boring but thankfully couple of weeks ago Dev re-released few of his classics in color, I am keen to get a copy ( download ideally ) for myself.

I was watching his interview this morning, guess what he was simply brilliant. His witty replies with generous dose of humor made it difficult to believe he’s 86. Smooth, stylish and impeccable command over the language ( be it hindi, english, urdu ) The kind of stuff he spoke, I must admit he’s timeless, he sounded so modernish. Which obviously reflects in the kind of movies he made. I personally like Jewel thief, Des Pardes, Swami Dada, Hare rama hara krishana, Johnny mera naam. Just check out Jewel thief perhaps one of the most intelligently made movie and watch it for Dev he’s brilliant ( Don’t expect great acting, watch it for his style and screen presence ).

I have always been a huge fan of Dev Anand, love to watch his movies. It’s such a pleasing sight to watch him sway around and do stuff which has been imitated by generations of actors who succeeded him. His style is original, he had one to copy from, somewhere he understood that movies are about entertainment and not neccessarily art or skill. Their is so much to write, so many things, words aren’t enough.To the greatest star of bollywood, Thank you for all the entertainment, Yeh dil maange more.