Children’s Day

It’s 14th November, children’s day. I thought I could share about about my little friends. The set of people who had and have an big impact on my life. People who brought innumerable moments of joy and happiness. For me the time I spend with the younger lot is paramount, I makes me immensely happy, nothing else comes closer to it. So here we go, few of the best kids I known over the decade.

Blessie and Blessen – Blessie is by far the best kid I ever known, now 13 has lost the innocence of a baby girl however still remains my favorite for without having known her, I would have never loved kids as much as I do today. As of blessen, he’s the real entertainer, keeps me on the run mentally, asks tough questions, quick witted, smart, spontaneous and constructively mad. Together, the brother-sister duo are an integral part of my day to day life.

Aishwarya – For some strange reason she was obsessed with my legs, she used to grab my legs whenever she used to crawl around. I must say for me it appeared she liked me a lot though I couldn’t handle her too well, she found lot of comfort grabbing my legs..hehehehhe

Manoj – He’s really special because no kid has ever defied my sister as he could. He flung his shirt at her face and made a mockery of her efforts to tone him down. He danced, yelled, jumped like a mad man. He left a lasting impression for his wild courage, just can’t forget him.

No No – also known as Moumitha. she jus knew 1 no. She made me work very very hard to befriend her. If I had put in the same effort with grown up girls I am sure I would have ended up with no less than half a dozen girl friends however no no was too endearing, didn’t mind the tough times. I finally cracked the code thanks to rhymes on youtube.

Shankari and Rinky – “Barbie girls” sweet and pretty duo became my friends for 2 reasons a)they found a source for regular supply of chocolates in form of me b) I introduced them to an online barbie dress up game. So whenever they need anyone of them they know whom to look for. They also realize I never say no to little girls that’s how they successfully tapped into my weakness to maximize their gaming pleasures.

Meghana – She doesn’t like me yet, still stares at me with lot of uncertainty and displeasure but since the first time I got to take her in my arms I’m absolutely charmed by her. With time I believe I can work my way though to her heart.