Finally, bye bye 2009

A tough year finally comes to an end. 2009 started with great promise and expectations however as I close for the year I find my self stagnant. It’s like a lengthy annoying pause not sure which way to go. By far the toughest year of this decade. So glad it’s coming to an end.

I found myself shrouded in negative energy and perhaps for the first time I started to doubt my abilities. It’s a complex mental game, I clearly lost the mental game in 2009. Disappointments and more disappointments on various fronts left me frustrated. Slowly I am getting to know life isn’t all that easy, I got so used to the easy ways of living. Timing, decision making all went haywire. Lot of bad decisions, hasty decisions; wish I could go back in time and fix it. My biggest realization was on people front – “PEOPLE CHANGE QUICKLY” circumstances can change from good to worse in days perhaps hours. People were the toughest challenge in 2009, couldn’t live up to their expectations, maybe it wasn’t required but it shocked me as I saw people change. I haven’t experienced tricky situations with people in the past and this year clearly exposed my shoddy people skills, disastrous to say the least.

On the brighter side (very few though) of 2009. Couple of incidents clearly stand out. Blessie and Blessen’s return to Chennai after a 2 year hiatus and the birth of Meghana. These kids lifted my sagging spirits, made me smile despite the tough time and the gave the much needed hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I also made few wonderful friends over the year, I really appreciate their time and energy to listen to my crappy stories and their continuous support. I always taken family and my best friend for granted and it stays so, you people don’t have a choice however I would acknowledge their role for providing a stable environment.

Guess this is it, no more lines, all exhausted. Looking forward to 2010 and hoping that the new year brings a change in fortunes. I would like to wrap up with my favorite one liner – “Every dog has its day”