A Hairy Tale

It was Feb 2008 when I first shaved my head to get rid of my nagging skin and hair travails. I still remember lot of people were shocked to see me do that, in fact I myself was disappointed to do so. However, in few months I started liking my new found appearence, It wouldn’t bother me what another person thought about it, how would a girl sitting next to me respond or how it might impact my chances in an interview. Once initial doubts were put to rest I continued shaving my head every weekend. It made my life so simple, didn’t have to worry about a hair wash, a bad hair day or upgrading hairdos. Just wake up pour water, dries in seconds and all set to go. It’s difficult for someone to relate to this who hasn’t done this ( In defense to others why would someone waste their best years in their 20’s trying something commonly considered “uncool” )

I did find acceptance among few old friends and new co-workers who thought its “cool” enough. However, largely it wasn’t received too well but it didn’t impact my opinion, I was so used to the comforts of hairless head, hadn’t subscribed the idea of growing it. Trust me it’s truly different and light experience. One of the major positives, I didn’t catch cold or cough the entire 2009. Other key positive – people take you seriously as you look like a thug ( doesn’t matter how lean you are a shaven head is intimidating enough ). On the downsides, kids are mighty scared to be with you, so are the girls. Also, you could earn yourself not-so-pleasant nicknames.

a1 naren_red

Scores of people have requested me to re-grow my hair but I been rude, never considered it. However, few voices have finally convinced me to go back to normalcy. So, the news is I am growing it all over again. It might be impossible to look like what I was few years ago however I would look more sane to the eye in few weeks from now. I hope my friends will welcome the change.

Thank you all for bearing my “ugly” looks for the past 100 weeks.