1411 tigers left

Big cat is being wiped out. It’s clearly late just 1411 left, a bad number. I remember when I was in school the figure was in few thousands. A rapid decline thanks to rampant poaching across largely loosely protected wildlife sanctuaries.

Personally I am not a wildlife enthusiast but tiger is special, it’s our national symbol, can you imagine a Australia SAN FRANCISCO - FEBRUARY 21:  Tony, a Siberian...without a kangaroo or a New Zealand without a kiwi? same holds good for India. Tiger is not just an animal it’s our national identity ( not to forget it’s a goddess’ personal transport ) and yes it deserves to be saved, right to live and continue representing our country.

Big Cat is dying, it’s an unfortunate scenario. what’s worse is that the lot of corporate establishments are masquerading their selfish marketing interests in form of wildlife activism * hmmmmm* However they have successfully managed to set the alarm among administrators and us. One such campaign – Aircel’s “Save the tiger” initiative. Instantly caught my attention with their “1411 tigers left” tag line but the pessimistic marketing professional in me is convinced the day the CMO of Aircel doesn’t see ROI on this campaign he will call off this campaign however, the common man in me wants to see something concrete happen than mere attention grabbing tagline and gimmicky advertisements. I do hope they take it serious and continue to make the right moves.

A quick visit to their portal will take you here http://saveourtigers.com/WhatCanDo.php I’m sure it will help us and hopefully the big cat.

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