Mumbai Calling

Ahh finally, less than a week. Same time next week I would be busy looking for an eatery in Mumbai City.

All my life I badly desired to go abroad. However it looks like gods aren’t kind yet but they made sure I get to complete the Metro round up in India. Mumbai will complete my quest for City mania. Mumbai move wasn’t planned unlike Delhi and Bangalore but now that I have an opportunity, all set to encash it.

Cities always fancied me, the rush, traffic, expressways, buildings, people, what a pleasing sight, calms me down. Just can’t imagine life without the buzz around. Despite being a private person, I love the chaos of cities and as far chaos is concerned I would like to believe Mumbai will provide enough to keep me interested for long.

I always heard from people and media that life in Mumbai is different, there’s no parallel to Mumbai. As we all know thousands migrate to Mumbai everyday and I too would be one adding to the monstrous population. statistically speaking Mumbai has more number of people than entire Australia put together hmmmm ( I love these statistics ). Like most migrants I’m little anxious, confused and needless to say hugely excited. I don’t know what Mumbai has to offer, I just want to go there, live there.

The city that never sleeps, City of dreams, NY of India.. I love the way Mumbai is branded. Will my dreams will turn into reality? Will Mumbai give me the right direction? Where do I go from there? Lot of unanswered questions and best way is to be there. I am coming Mumbai. Chennai, you are my first love, no one can ever replace you.