American Baba

A month ago, Dad forwarded a mail from some baba, hmmm, apparently this baba doesnt live in some hut or himalayas, he lives in the plush comforts of San Jose, California. Few excerpts from baba’s mail 🙂

  • As per the chart of Narendra reddy, he is likely to study mechanical / electronics engineering ( Pretty close, I hold a IT degree)
  • There is a chance for him to even go for I.P.S. In 2007 he had an opportunity ( Yes, I did… in dreams )
  • If he has no plans to go back to his native place after June, 2012 he may, continue to stay abroad up to 65 years of age ( Oh ya, first get me out of Chennai )
  • Marriage is likely to occur in the second half of 2012.There was an early chance in 2006 also. ( What the hell, in 2006 I was a moron, 2012 I would have 6+ years of moronic the way, are you serious baba? )
  • Marital life will also be stable,though there may be temperamental clashes ( In simple terms, my wife would kick my ass )
  • He should wear Blue Sapphire on his right hand middle finger to come up in professional career ( Yes, I am..courtesy your analysis, my parents got me into this now )

People who know me well reckon I just don’t care about baba’s and prophecies ( they work well for harry potter though ).. However just for Lakshmi’s contentment I agreed to wear the ring. So, if it actually turns around my career I would give all credit to the blue stone else blame the baba for poor arithmetic . American Baba ki jai ho…