Yes!!! 28 it is. I’m sorry my lean physique and boyish looks doesn’t give away that fact. My CXO’s at work think am from a different generation; in fact am jus 7-8 years younger to them. Had an exciting and pleasant day, some of the best and not so good moments of the day

Best of the day

  • Dad got a cake for me, that’s a first, he has never done that before
  • Dad was the only person to wish me in person, yes only ONE
  • Lakshmi put in extra effort to cook good food
  • Dinesh, The first person to wish me also shares the same birthday – Happy Birthday Bro ( That’s the 4th time for the day )
  • Phone calls and messages from friends, always a cherished moment
  • Got an official mail id

Not so good

  • Lonely lunch- I hate that, boring
  • Couldn’t meet any kid; miss you Meghana
  • Didn’t have much time for self
  • skipped lot of calls ( I’m sorry )
  • Forgot to wish Hasini on her 2nd birthday ( Oh, baby girl, extremely sorry..Happy Happy Birthday to lovely Hasini )
Want to use this platform to thank all the lovely people for brining a smile to my face and making me feel special. Thank you