Friend – Unfriend

We got talking about “friend and friendship”. We have like about 5-6 years age difference, this is important to highlight simply because I’m trying to highlight the shift in thought process over generations. Yes, in my books there is a quantum leap.

The times I went to school and Under graduation there was no SMS, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Blog, no crazy SMS lingo blah blah blah . Everything was 1-to-1. Everything had to happen in person (Telephone was around, that did make it little easy though).

Making a “Friend” was a slow, steady and exciting process. It didn’t involve wild number of SMS’, tweets or freaking posts. The entire process was seamless those days. We didn’t have to leave fancy testimonials or write over the top flattering lines to show our affection and fondness for a pal. I totally agree likes of Facebooks and Orkuts have made it a lot “Simpler” to stay in touch perhaps that in itself is a problem. They made it all little too convenient. Teens today have taken up the “simpler” route eliminating the conventional faith building process * Big Sigh *

Guess that is the reason the younger lot is quick to befriend and unfriend ( a fancy term courtesy social media revolution ). Patience is a thing of the past, few bad experiences and they pull the plug on you. It is a hard fact to digest. They move you form extreme like to trash in days, maybe hours. Quick character assassination based on hypothetical assumptions and fallacies is in and very much a fad. There is no scope for trust building exercise. A “Friend” cannot be made in a day or week or a month at times even years. It takes lot of investment in terms of energy and understanding to make one genuine pal. Believe that is the reason I’m finding it little tough to sync up with the younger lot. The process is way to swift and exit is much more shocking.

The purpose of my post is neither to shoot down social media portals ( I am an active user myself ) nor make fun of new gen attitude and behaviour ( It is the way forward). All I wanted was to point out my reluctance to cope up with changing times and fathom the new gen format of “Friend” making. Guess I become plain outdated 🙂

Also take an opportunity to give a BIG HAND to my buddies ( before the FB revolution ) I made over the decades ( very few but they worth it ) and surviving the social media revolution and still exhibiting trust and faith in a “Friend”. I believe we will continue to be friends till the very end and overcome many more crappy internet revolutions.