AB and C of Cricket

With greats like Sachin, Ponting, Kallis, Dravid etc on the verge of eternal glory ( read as retirement ), I always wondered who would be the next lot of phantoms to cast their spell on the cricketing arena ( Trying to stick to test cricket ).

Last 10 days have rolled out 2 front runners who already have one foot on Hall of fame. Talking about A B de Villiers of RSA and Alastair Cook of England. Simply call them AB and C.

I still have vivid memories of Cook slamming a debut century in India. A tough place for any international cricketer. Even the great Ricky Ponting has a shameful record in India. Since then I have been closely following Cook’s performances and for a strange reason he does mighty well against Australia. Already 7 hundreds a gainst them. For an awe factor that is 50% of his centuries against 1 team which is the best in the world. Though its unfair to compare, Sachin has 11 against the Aussies and with Cook having almost 10 good years of cricket left in him he is bound to go past the genius. His recent double against Aussies in their own backyard suggests he is here to stay and produce many more champion knocks.

A B puts up his claim to greatness with many a classy innings howe

ver, What stays in my mind is his double against India (Which apparently was the first 200 against India by a south African ) and the magical innings he played in Australia later that year. Gifted with amazing run making abilities and lighting fielding skills he has been an asset to the South African team. Again close to 10 years of cricket left in him, he is sure to steam roll into the 10,000+ club.

For both Cook and A B it will be all about sustaining and performing over years as they done in the past. If that happens as per the script there is no doubt in my mind, they would be the biggest runs machines of next decade. Looking forward to see more of them, more runs, more class and more centuries.