Kevin to Kev

hi anna,

nice to hear from u after a long time, how are u hope u r fine
and one more thing dont even thinh of making friends with christina
she is my enemy so long then we will meet u soon we r planning
to come to chennai in april
bye dude miss u a lot,
That’s the mail I received from 9 year old Kevin this noon. Hard to believe.
I remember about an year ago, I first initiated him to Gtalk. Just about 8 years then he quickly learnt the tricks of chat and email. he even got himself a nickname ( Kev..sounds cool ).Now that he has moved to a different city we frequently interact on chat. At times I’m caught by surprise with the ‘Internet Language” he uses. Here is another sample. Since he is just a kid I have taken liberty to post this without his consent. Dude you can file a suit against me once you 18, for now, your chat goes public πŸ˜‰
me: okk
14:49 i like it
Kevin: good
so whats the news
14:50 about my friends
like manu
bobby (barbie)
me: hehhehehee
14:51 Kevin: u know what
me: tell me
Kevin: i know hindi
me: great
i like tht
Kevin: ask me something
in hindi
14:52 me: haath mein kitne ungli hain
Kevin: your hand is ugly
14:53 right
me: hahahahhaa
Kevin: what is it
me: how many fingers are their in ur hand…thts wht i said
14:54 Kevin: 10
me: thts wht i asked in hindi
Kevin: dus
me: good