Over to Movies

I’m not much of a movie fanatic ( last visit to a movie hall was in June 2009 ) but off late to kill boredom and attempts to entertain self I caught up with few most talked about tamil movies this year.

First was VTV. Arvinth has coaxed me several times to watch this piece. I was reluctant for long coz I was told it doesn’t have a “happy ending”. You see for me Indian movies have to be one dimensional. I dun like surprises esp sad ones. Come what may hero-heroine have to get together else it doesn’t make me happy. however, I saw this epic and was left ruffled with confusing plot and ambiguous characters but Chimpu stole the show, keeping away from his usual savagery was a welcome relief. As of Trisha she was pretty as a doll πŸ˜‰

Week later I followed it up with the biggest release of the year Superstar’s “Endhiran”. I want to be very clear – I DIDN’T like the movie. No further comments. Yeah, Superstar is still the best

Finally few days ago it was “Boss Engiran Baskaran”. This is what I call a wholesome entertainer. Absolute breeze, gave more smiles, left a pleasant impression. Riveting comic performances by Arya and Santhanam carried the movie at a energetic pace but I felt it had a touch of “Rohit Shetty” (Guy who made golmaal series) class to it. However, a wonderful package of comedy, romance, natak and sabak. Add to that a gorgeous female lead ( wiping away some drool ) made it a worthy watch. It filled my senses with joy n happiness . A treat to watch, movies like these keep my interest in cinema going.

I plan to check out few more over the next weekend..look forward to some entertainment..If you have any movie picks, please suggest. Please remember I do not appreciate nautanki type movies..simple entertainers will do πŸ˜€