Tweety Steals the show

We been playing Chris ma – Chris child game for about a week at office (Wonderful bonding exercise by HR, Hearty congratulations to the team). As expected lot of them weren’t participating, I really don’t understand why people want to miss out on such fabulous opportunities to relive teenage fun. I was disappointed my parent turned out to be a dud however, I played my role of Chris pa with best of my exuberance and enthusiasm.

A young trainee happened to be my child and guess what she did a fab job with almost all the tasks assigned to her. I must say very impressed with her interest and zest in completing the tasks.

Today was the day of disclosure. Earlier during the day I was rigging my colleague to give away the Tweety doll she bought for her Chris pa. For some strange reason I was fancied by the Tweety. I tried to lure her to give away Tweety in exchange to the gift I had picked up for my child but she didn’t buy in.

Once the disclosures were made there was chaos. People moving around at random and sweets were doing the rounds meantime, Santa went around giving away Christmas gifts to all the associates ( I got a handkerchief..errmmm). As the crowd eased out I gifted my child and to my surprise she returned in kind with a bright yellow Tweety ( and I went yyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy silently in my heart, truly delighted ). Totally exhilarated by her pleasant gesture. Apparently few other colleagues happened to gift Tweety to their ma’s/kid’s so we ganged up for few clicks. The star was undoubtedly Tweety. She made a grand appearance in almost all the snaps.

Days like these bring the child out of us. Thanks to the HR team they gave us a bright reason to smile and celebrate with child like spirit.