Game Changers 2010

As the year the closes, TV channels are buzzing with the usual “Hits and Misses”, “Highs and lows” thingy. Personally each one would have had highs and lows. I had my share of extremes. Here are 5 big game changers.

Mumbai Jet Grounded: I flew to Mumbai with lots of hope and effervescence to revive my dwindling career. I landed there with much gusto and belief to do well for myself. However, fate struck bringing down my “Bombay Dreams” as pack of cards ( maybe much more faster ). I was back to Chennai after a colossal failure. Karthik, I should have you followed your words 🙂

Friend I will meet in Hell ( For Sure ): It’s said that a man makes lasting friendships during his middle ages. I made one such prized addition – Arivnth Narayanan.A perfect amalgamation of new age and traditional values, comes across as a astute gentleman.We struck the right cord since Day 1, now almost an year I for sure know we will remain pals for a long long time.

Wonderful life cut short: Decades later when I tell my grand kids about Devi Permata, they are bound to laugh it off because they wouldn’t believe someone like her ever lived in this mad mad world. A bright mind,delicate soul and a heart filled with unconditional love left the world leaving a lasting impact on my life. A person who believed in me at a time I myself was shrouded with self doubts. Permata, you will forever remain in my heart and memories. I love you.

Sabak (lesson): At 28, with zero bank balance and a career in doldrums only way I could go was forward. You see one cannot get any lower than this ( Wide Grin ). Armed with fancy professional certificates and few worthless credentials I started to realize it ain’t going to be easy and luck isn’t going to favor me for nothing. I have started to take the right steps forward, tiny ones yet assured ones. I’m happy I learnt my lesson definitely the rough way however, worthy enough.

Back to Kaar: By far the biggest game changer. Honestly it’s not about the organization, it’s all about one person – Ratna Kumar, Director, Kaar Technologies. I called him to ask if he had something to offer. Honestly I wasn’t expecting any response but to my surprise he was extremely warm and swiftly drafted me into an assignment. Thank you Sir for the trust and faith in me. I know it has been a slow progress but it is moving in the right direction.