New Life

As I stepped into a serene house, a small temple caught my attention, it housed deities and symbols of major religions. Trust me it’s a rare sight and a harmonious exhibit of secular tolerance and equality. As I moved further a little kid rushed to grab my hand, he doesn’t know me yet he was exceedingly happy to shake my hand and gently dragged me inside. Meantime, more kids joined in.

This was New Life, home for less fortunate kids and deserted elderly. To be plain honest the whole place freaked me out for the first few minutes I couldn’t understand what was happening around me. In a while I felt more assured as swarm of kids filled the space with laughter and excitement. As part of new year celebration a scrumptious meal was served, believe me it was better than any pedigree restaurant.

Wanted to make a mention about my co-worker – Vinod, who is as true as the meaning of his name “JOY”. He and his liked minded friends run an charitable organization Aazraya. Most members are in early 20s, it is truly heartening to see these youngsters forfeit the usual pyrotechnics of youth and spend weekends doing what they truly love. Seeing those volunteers convinced me all’s not lost yet. The younger lot has it in them and in abundance. I remember one of the first conversations I had with Vinod, he said “ We don’t need money, we need your time, these kids and elderly need your time, that’s all“. I could see that in the bright faces of the kids there, all they wanted was to play with you, not money, no way.

I didn’t really take part in any activities however, the kids wouldn’t complain as Vinod and his team had planned series of games to keep them super charged. They participated with lot of cheer and buzz.

Kudos to Vinod and Aazraya for their sheer effort and dedication to uplift the needy. Truly appreciate Vinod and his team for their tireless, selfless, spirited contribution. If you live in Chennai and wish to join them in their endeavors , you can reach out Vinod @ 91 98841 24248 or visit . Remember they need your TIME not MONEY.