What a deal – Great deal

Wondered what’s the next big Social Media revolution. They call it “Group Buying” ( Just look up on google to know more ). Group buying portals have already gone on rampage across the world especially in the developed nations. Groupon a pioneer in this industry started late 2008 and it is already valued at $6 billion. Dot com big brother google made a failed bid to take over Groupon few weeks ago. It just goes to show the size and scale of group buying portals. Groupon was declared as the “fastest growing company ever” by Forbes, rightly so, its revenue sky rocketed from mere $1 to mammoth $350 million in 24 months – mind boggling stuff.

For people in India have to wait a little longer for Groupon to make a foray but hey, there is good news. Several clones have already cropped up and offering tempting bargains. SnapDeal seems to be the coolest among the lot. You can also look at Dealivore, Koovs, upto99off, dealsandyou etc. They giving away bindass deals, trust me you would love them. I bought a wrist watch, movie rental subscription, restaurant coupon at a throw away price. Looking forward to many more exciting packages.

Thanks to recession and some innovative thinking by the dot com geniuses we have a platform which brings us wonderful deals. I would just say – TRY IT OUT and you would thank me for this post.