If I had only one hour to live

I guess the first thing I would is pee. Yeah, Pee so that I would have remaining 58 minutes for other exciting stuff. With every second worth a million I guess I would go beserk. I wouldn’t know what to do as time ticks away. I guess I would call Mahesh and tell him, I would die in another 50 minutes. Knowing him he’s going to laugh it off or perhaps make fun of the scenario. That would settle my nerves and hey just 48 minutes left. Next I would dial Arvinth who sits in America and he would most likely say ” Dude get a single chai “, another 5 minutes gone.

As I run for the quest of a single chai. The traffic signal at Kodambakkam flyover would consume another 4 minutes, but hey I’m dying so I wouldn’t care about rules and drive right through. Oh, yeah I forgot the famous movie scene of a dying man in Indian movies, signing the will…Ooops that doesn’t apply to me,  no bank balance 😀

Run Reddy, Just 36 minutes left as I look for the elusive “Single Chai” dodging traffic and cops, chasing the stolen car, I Would be reminded of my childhood dream of robbing a bank. Now, I got to choose single chai or Robbery. Toss a coin. I take a U-turn and head towards the bank I always wanted to loot ( Tiny bank near my school ), another 11 minutes lost as road is blocked with cattles running at random..damn!

Just 21 minutes left and I’m told bank is now shifted to Kodambakkam near the railways tracks. Meantime cops have cornered me and I pull off la Endhiran stunt firing all directions. Ahhhhhh..smashed 26 police cars, 32 motor bikes and uprooted dozen pillars…OMG!! just 10 minutes left, speeding towards the tracks. Bhagwaan, give me another 10 minutes, let me pull of this heist. As I smash into the bank walls and ram into the vault. The Last 5 seconds

5 – Captain Vijayakanth fires a round at me.

4 – The pretty girl at the front desk drops her lipstick, I wink at her.

3 – Bullet is a blasting in, I lunge forward

2 – Bullet goes past my heart, I hold stacks of Rs1000 notes in in my hand and roar in triumph

1 – Blank screen, see you at hell


What would you do if you had ONLY one hour to live – Evil or Angel?