Attitude is Altitude | Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic does what most youngsters of his age do.. swimming, driving,  soccer, tennis, writing, reading, scuba diving, partying but there is one small difference between most of us and him.. and he calls it No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

The first time I saw his video on a friend’s facebook wall it completely freaked me out. I googled to know more about this limbless genius. An exceptional true story of mind conquering an unforgiving body. Maybe it’s the famous Aussie attitude or his serbian grit that has taken him to the pedestal of glory, whatever it is this man is phenomenal.

He’s a motivational speaker and preacher. He goes around the world inspiring people to lead a ridiculously good life

Take a look at his video, he is amazingly lively and insanely humorous. You know when a man is happy, you can see it in his bright face, this man is truly HAPPY.



I wrote about Nick not because he’s limbless. It’s more to do with his take on happiness and living it up despite all adversities. I know many a men and women who spend all day complaining and living shallow, depressed lives. Nick shows us the way to live happy and spread smiles. Take a bow to Mr.Vujicic, way to go mate.