Mobile Phone – Total Recall

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look at my  mobile phone, guess most of us do that. It has become a compulsive habit. I did the same this morning and something struck me – OMG! Mobile Phone. My mind traveled back in time, trying to recall all the mobile handsets which served me for an earnest period. Here is the honorary list of handsets which came, delivered and left.

Nokia 3315 – My first handset, a humble, robust piece. I still remember its sturdy body and rubbery keypad. Easy to use with no fancy apps or entertainment features, it served me well right through my B-school. Its ear shattering alarm deserves a special mention.

Nokia 3315


LG C 3380 – My first multimedia phone. I bought this in a haste, it worked fine but no expandable memory was a major disappointment however, it gave good company.




LG KG 200 – This time it was an informed decision. I did a thorough research and bought this “Dynamite” as it was rightly branded by the makers. A power packed tiny handset which did much more than its humble size. I loved this beauty.

LG KG 200


Nokia N81 – My first 3G phone. You have to use it to believe it. By far the best multimedia phone I ever used. Totally worth the 20K something price tag. I would say it had the best music player of its times, perhaps better than the 5th generation iPod classic. Really really enjoyed using this phone. Big thumbs up to N81.


Nokia N81


LG KP320 – The one I bought on ebay. It was a great deal, it saved me lot of money and gave me this lovely feature rich mobile. I gave away N81 to my sis as she was keen on listening better quality music. I had a good, trouble free time with this handset. Most of my first youtube uploads were captured by this piece. Good, tidy phone.


LG KP320


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini – The BEST mobile I ever used. Set on Android platform with dismal battery life, it is a gadget freaks delight. My sis gave away this gem before she flew abroad,such an idiot, she missed out on this smart machine. An almost perfect gadget. Great apps (most are free), brilliant music player, superb lens, exciting GUI makes this a worthy buy, it’s also worth the media hype.


SE X10 mini


Nokia E72 – My current handset, gifted by my sis. This is a hardcore business phone and my first QWERTY mobile. Getting used to this. It’s a feature rich phone, 5.0 Mpix camera is a pleasant surprise. Music player is a dud but business features are rock solid.


Nokia E72


Happy I used it all, candy bar to flip to slider, basic to multimedia to business, touch to keypad to QWERTY. Among all these Nokia N81 remains closest to my heart for the sheer awe factor and unbelievable performance.


Hey, what’s in your list? mind sharing