Facebook Will Die

I joined Facebook (FB) way back in 2006, that was time when no one used FB, atleast in India. Orkut had just made a thunderous entry.  I tried convincing my pals to take a look at FB but no one paid heed. Over next 3 years I had made several attempts to voice out the magnitude of FB again no one cared. Then, late 2009 a galactic  shift happened. Orkut was was unceremoniously kicked out and lakhs lapped up FB with fetish delight.

It took about 4 years for FB to ultimately slay Orkut and race ahead in the Social Media battleground. Orkut is dying, so is friendster, so is myspace ( News Corp is putting it on sale, you might consider buying it, dead cheap ) and so are many more clones.

What has happened is case of mass hysteria. Remember when yahoo and hotmail initially made foray, people were proud to flaunt their id’s and look where they stand now, slugging it out for survival. It doesn’t take a dot com expert to tell you these companies are at sheer mercy of masses “ interes t”, the day we find the next big fad we move on, very simple.

What is FB? A glorified photo sharing platform for many or a social gaming platform or a mumbo-jumbo communication platorm, that’s all. I understand FB team is working hard to bring newer apps and experiences to the users but listen up Zuckerberg bro, when we find the next BIG thing, believe me no one can save you ( Microsoft might, they have a huge stake in you ). Remember “Second Life” ( I’m not sure how many of us remember that platform, it’s virtually dead as we all moved to FB ). What makes you think something else won’t kill FB? Believe me FB will be culled and it’s we the people who would bring an end to the 3rd largest country.

Case is simple, Facebook will DIE and that day no one can save them, not even you and me.


P.S: Most of you might have read this on my  blogger page but now I’m with wordpress. For technical reasons I’m shutting down my blogger. This post has been close to my heart so, I moved it here. Hope you enjoyed the re-run.