Rhymes and Nostalgia

Last evening I was playing with my little niece, she just turned 2 last weekend. She can barely speak or pronounce properly but that didn’t stop me from pushing a rhyme into her uncorrupted brain. As we sang together, I became nostalgic.

A trip down the memory lane, cut to 1986. Serene town of sivasagar, grasslands, dense fog, hail storms, croaking frogs, mini earth quakes, dad’s bajaj scooter, sister’s running nose, list goes on and on. I finally stopped at my kindergarten school. I remember peeping through the hole in the campus wall. I could see the lush green Kendriya Vidayala campus, used to get so excited, so badly wanted to get there ( eventually ended up in that school a year later…yyaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ).

More and more KG memories gushed in, made me melt. Soon they started to dry up, I strained my memory a little more – What was my first learning at school? Aahhhhaaaaaa! rhymes of course. I vividly remember picking up my first set of rhymes, they weren’t twinkle twinkle’s or bah bah black sheep’s. For some reason we were taught the lesser popular ones, check them out




Love my rhymes, how about you?