Animals after 1900hrs

Aajkal ke ladke saat baje ke baad janwar ban jaate hai” ( Guys transform into animals after 7pm ) it came down as a slap on my face. I was in conversation with my B-School buddy when she made this statement in sheer disgust.  She poured out her heart about the annoying filthy men who passed lewd comments, made aggressive physical contact and hoot at her in public transport. She stayed like 10km away from the campus and usually commuted by the local bus. She went on to describe few of her harrowing experiences in Delhi city post 7pm, poor soul was clearly shaken as she put up a brave face. This was way back in 2003, that little conversation is deeply etched in my mind especially her teary red eyes.

In the last several years Delhi’s reputation has taken a severe beating and become extremely infamous for atrocities against women. A recent news piece in TOI confirmed its notorious status, Delhi is now India’s rape capital. National crime reports bureau says, Delhi alone accounts to 40% of rapes in urban India. By the way Delhi is the capital of India, what a shame.

Having lived in Delhi for considerable amount of time, I would blame the culture or should I say lack of it for miserable moral and social standard of men. It’s not that all Delhi guys are rouges ( One of my best pal was born and brought up in Delhi and he is an absolute gentleman ) but anyone who has lived there can tell you the difference. Out there for some strange reason women are not seen anything more than an object of pleasure, partly women are to be blamed for having let themselves down. However, it’s the men who have stooped to bottomless low. Makes me burn in rage -Aren’t we supposed to protect our women? Aren’t we supposed to show love and affection to our women? Aren’t we supposed to treat our women with dignity and respect? Why this crime? Why this shameful act?

It pains me to say, things are not going to change, perhaps they would only get worse unless and until government steps in big time with radical amendments. However, for me the biggest game changer would be EDUCATION. We have already lost it with our current generation but education and awareness can bring about a steady change with the future generations. I sincerely hope the world would change for the better. Having said that, it would be a humongous challenge.