Joy’s of R-day

Rumble in the crowd, bright white uniforms, sweets, flags, the aura and the sheer build up for the big R-day gave immense pleasure and happiness ( barring boring speeches by chief guests and principal…yaawwnnnn )

The buzz usually started in the second week of January. The best being organized march pasts..ummmm..Ok, atleast we tried our best to sync up. Kids were sorted in height order so,I usually ended up in the first or second row, not a bad thing as you get to see the flag hoisting from close quarters. The march past training was always a tiring affair, Chennai‘s relentless heat usually knocked out 1-2 kids but hey, show must go on. We didn’t have a particularly big ground, couple of rounds and we lined for the National Anthem. Numerous iterations made the colossal effort little more co-ordinated. However, 6/10 kids would still get left-right-left worng. My favorite was the dayein mud ( right turn ) moment.

On the R-day, once the marching was over, flag was hoisted as we sang the National Anthem.It angers me to see lot of kids and adults’ negligence towards flag hoisting etiquettes, how pathetic. In case you aren’t aware get this into your head.

a) Stand at attention, straight and tall. Keep your feet together both firmly stamped on the ground.

b) Eyes on the flag ( saffron part )

c) Head tilted upwards

d) Fists should be gently clenched with thumbs pointing downwards

Post Anthem. It was usually time for largely uninspired speeches, they got so damn repetitive…yaawwwnnnnnnn. We then moved to the patriotic songs section. My favorite is Saare jahan accha. Simple song yet encompasses the beauty and rich culture of our nation. As the session comes to a close, sweets were distributed, a perfect end to an exciting day at school.


To all my friends, Happy Republic Day