Chennai Police

The other day my good friend Arvinth made a comment on Chennai city’s relatively risk free environment for women. Today’s TOI issue confirmed his statement – Click here to read more . Chennai ranks 34th amongst 35 major cities in crime against women. For a city with over 70 million population that’s is quite an achievement.

One of the main reasons is, Chennai is culturally more tolerant and conservative. There are no bandhs, no strikes, no road roko, no public rallies. It’s like people of Chennai refuse to get carried away by hysteria ( The left might say we are not united ). There’s no major chaos barring the traffic. Even the terrorist don’t seem to take a liking for Chennai, that’s is where the next biggest reason for Chennai’s safe city status lies- The Chennai Police

Chennai Police is a subset of Tamil Nadu Police department which is apparently headed by a lady – Ms.Letika Saran. Unlike most states TN police is most well equipped in terms of artillery, Intelligence , Infrastructure ( They even got a cyber cell to curb cyber menace ) and manpower. By the way check out their swanky patrol vehicle, cool right.

To top it up lot of cops are being trained at Scotland yard, APD and World Police Academy ( Now that makes me S**t in my pants, I have given up my dreams of robbing a bank long ago..spare me you lovely cops ). With these well trained cops on vigil, we can feel a lot safer and secure. Yes, there is crime in our city but we also have one of the best Police force in India. Cheers to Chennai Police.