The Death Dance

As the auto turned left under the flyover, it came to a virtual halt. A group of youth and few kids were dancing away to mad beats ( Trust me, even Sivamani cannot produce such drum beats ), foot tapping music to say the least. Ear deafening crackers added to the excitement. You could it see all in the thrilled faces of the crowd, I couldn’t stop smiling. Wish I had pulled out my mobile camera on time ( Grrrrrrrr…Redddyyyyyyy )

This was the scene of a funeral procession.True. I’m damn serious. Of course, this is a normal sight down south but someone who hasn’t seen or heard about this, it has to be a “Ripley’s believe it or not” moment. Check out one such video.


I won’t say people are celebrating someone’s death, no way. I’m not too sure about the religious or traditional connection to the death dance but all I see is we have managed to figure out ways to give our loved ones a thunderous exit and add some cheer to the gloom called death.