Rafa and Roger – True Icons

This will be only the 1st grand slam  final in last 6 years which wouldn’t feature either Rafa or Roger, the last time this happened was way back in 2005, again it was the Australian open. It just goes to show the might of these men at top level tennis. Before you think this is going to be yet another post on Roger Vs Rafa story. No, this is a Roger & Rafa story.

We have already read and seen a lot of their tennis and on-field achievements however, what goes relatively unnoticed are their off-filed activities especially Rafa-Roger bonding. It’s rare..hmmm… in fact I have never heard about any 2 top players ( rivals ) offer lift on their charter planes or take them for a drive in their home town or have friendly laughter or joke around. Every time I watch their joint interview or even solo I’m amazed at their humility. It doesn’t look fake or something which is made up for the media. that would simply never last this long. They both come out as great ambassadors not just for the game but also their nation and more importantly youth power. Their bonding and contribution to society reminds me of the story of  legendary athlete Jesse Owens and Luz long. Different times, different world yet the heart remains same. A triumph of humanity over silverware.

Rafa & Roger have continuously participated in social activities ever since they reached the top. You can see it in their vibrant faces, they clearly believe in giving something back to the people ( especially the less fortunate ones ). When Roger was asked how hard is to convince to Rafa to do a charity game. Roger said ” A simple phone call will do, he doesn’t need any coaxing, all I do is tell him about the event and he agrees immediately”. Here is a funny promo video shoot they did for a recent Charity game.


These two gentlemen are true greats not just for the number for slams they won but for the millions of hearts they conquered and their serious contribution towards social betterment. Great players, great men, great icons. A big thumbs up to our beloved Rafa & Roger.