What you didn’t know about Gandhi

On this very day, way back in 1948 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was shot dead. There’s no parallel to his achievements and legacy, no one comes closer to his aura.

But you see no hero is flawless, there’s no genius without a touch of eccentricity. There’s one such facet of Gandhiji’s life which has been well masqueraded. Neither the media nor the historians seem to poke into it, maybe centuries later when he attains god like status, some silly Dan brown clone might go back digging into the past just to figure out his mortal deficiencies. Anyways, coming back to the focal point – What you didn’t know about Gandhi. Hmmm, I haven’t read much material on this but you see whatever is available online is enough to showcase this lesser known dimension of his. What you going to read may startle you simply because you might have never ever heard or read this, so stay calm.

I will be direct, Gandhiji used to sleep with young women..ummmmm..literally. None of us were there to see what exactly happened whether he did so to satisfy his carnal needs or was it what he called ” Experiment’s with Bhramacharya” ( experiments with celibacy ). Whatever it was, it’s is nothing less than shocking. Can you imagine a man sleeping with his grandnephew’s wife and terming it as an effort to correct her sleep posture, how ridiculous ( Why would I be bothered about someone’s sleep posture, all that matters  is restful sleep. As far as I know he was a law student not medicine ). There’s very little dope available on his experiments, he even planned to publish his works. Just imagine, Gandhi’s book on so called celibacy, it would have been a best seller ( Hey bhagwaan ). His end brought curtains to his work ( which by Indian standards would have brought more shame than pride had it hit the stands ).

Just writing all this stuff is making me feel odd. Still suspended in disbelief. I suggest you google it and read more or maybe you shouldn’t.