Must visit, Must read, Must follow

Very few connection’s are made out of nowhere and this is one such story.

Weeks ago I visited daily post blog. I was there to seek inspiration to blog daily. I read through the list of comments and finally stopped at “Blockader” ( means a strategic barrier ). I saw this middle aged man with shabby hair and unkept beard ( By the way, his often mistaken for Tom Cruise, way to go Brad ). For some reason, I left a message showing

Tom "Brad" Cruise

Tom "Brad" Cruise

interest to be his blog buddy. Really, I don’t know why I did that ( Maybe, I should have looked for a pretty girl šŸ˜› ).


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

I will be honest, the first time I visited his blog, it looked plain uninspiring. On that day he had posted about an Ice hockey game at Church ( You see I’m from India, I neither connect to Church nor Ice hockey, I have never seen snow for that matter ). For a moment I thought I shouldn’t be his WordPress buddy, I can’t relate to his world but you see, some connection’s are made to last and they are completely beyond our control. I resisted my temptation to hit the unsubscribe button. Couple of days later, I was slowly able to grasp his sense of humor ( but yes, still can’t get it all ). Personally, for me happiness is paramount. I woudn’t want to be reading a depressing blog or something filled with cuss words or needless criticism. I love happy blogs and his posts were getting extremely enjoyable. Out went the idea of unbuddying ( Just coined a new word, don’t look up on google, there’s no such word ).

Few days later Brad came out with what was his shortest post ( guess it has less than 100 words) Ā but it packed a mighty punch. An honest and sincere post, the essence lies in these closing lines ”Ā But today, if I can make you laugh, andĀ put a smile on your face, then that means the world to me“. Big thumbs up to Brad. From that day, I stopped worrying about the differences in ourĀ culture, food or looks ( but hey, I look no less than Tom Cruise ). I could connect to his thoughts, I could relate to his world, I could understand his views. Suddenly IĀ realized,Ā here is a man who writes to spread smiles and that for me is,was and always be the single biggest reason for following his blog.

Since then I been an avid follower of his posts and due to the time zone thing, I get to comment first, well before his friends. It’s a joy reading his posts, never fails to deliver. As of today his blog is the 6th fastest growing blog on wordpress and his little gem on Jan 21st was featured in Freshly Pressed segment. Extremely happy for Brad. Having said that, even if he wasn’t featured in that list, I would still keep visiting his blog with glee.

Thank you for all the entertainment. Keep posting Tom “Brad” Cruise.


I strongly recommend his blog, it’s a must visit,must read, must follow –Ā