Little Rascal

What do you do when you get plain bored and mind doesn’t co-operate to write anything sane? ( Makes me yawn, even my little niece can’t get me excited, such a dull day ).

I was just trying to make a pirated copy of “The Social Network“. I haven’t seen it yet, way too lazy, don’t want to watch anything tonight ( more yawns ). My stupid laptop wouldn’t burn disks, instead the DVD tray is just spinning away madly. I gave up. Meantime, the little girl here has turned some what violent, she wants to comb my hair…keeps repeating kumar, kumar, kumar and I’m trying to act as if she doesn’t exist. Ok, maybe I should pause a while before she rips apart the bed cover ( Grrrrrrrr….girrrrrrlsssssss, so demanding..phewww ) [19: 38 ]

Alright. I’m back. I have little powder on my left cheek and lots more on the floor, mom would go mad once she’s back. I just sent out the little rascal home, she didn’t want to, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. Especially the slimy mango stuff that she was trying to force feed me ( yuck that ) [20:12]

Ok, before she left, she gleefully posed for the camera. Here are few snaps.







Yes, you are right, she loves to eat ( including my bheja ). It’s bye for now.