Indian movies go local

With the turn of the Century, India and China have fast emerged as super powers. China leading the way in manufacturing and India claiming honors in Services segment. In simple terms both countries are increasingly stamping their presence across the globe.

If you leave out the economics thing. Other chief drivers are Food and Movies. There is nothing to talk about Chinese food and their cheap kung fu moives, both have unmatched following. India isn’t far behind. Food is already big world over. In fact there are few Indian restaurants which have more branches outside than in India.

However, what has really put us in limelight are our movies. Here are few videos which show how the world has taken to Indian Movies.


An east asian dude singing away a popular hindi number at a Cantonese reality show, does a neat job.


This one’s a Oscar winning song. Check out this spanish band, cool job.


Check out these young girls crooning a famous bollywood song, watch out for their facial expressions. LoL


We even got into the wedding parties as well, This one’s amazing.


Hey, We got Aryan cousins hooked to our dance numbers, See this


Trust you enjoyed watching these videos. Many more on youtube.