Mahesh ki Shaadi

Today was my best friend Mahesh Janakiraman’s wedding. I known him since 1992 and so much so that I can write an entire book about him but, that’s for another day. Today was his day. He was the star.

He is a kind of guy, every girl dreams of …hmmm ok, not exactly..he’s not good with numbers, GK is poor and has disastrous sense of direction however, he has the most important qualities any girl would look for in an ideal husband – Love and Loyalty. In a generation where loyalty is thing of the past, Mahesh stands out as a shining for the younger lot. I must say, Archana is one lucky girl. If she can manage his need for attention neatly, she will never have to worry about her man’s dedication and commitment. So, Archana if you ever read this, you know what to do.

Right, enough of papa preaching. My FB updates say the story.


– Ok,all set for the big wedding
Mahesh Janakiraman bas beta..teri aazadi khatam.. long live marriages..long live freedom
– I’m wearing a pristine white shirt..n blue jeans ( lil embarrassed…didn’t realize it’s slightly torn in the front…call it Β fashion..duh )
– this place is flooded with oldies
– mahesh is in a white dhoti…bride in light purple saree…looks extremely elegant
– by the way…mahesh’s mom bags the ‘best dressed’ tag…shez in a humble purple madi saree..wins hands down πŸ™‚
– the fire comes on…lot of action out these oldies…what energy…brilliant
– 10:00:12am feb 7,2011
mahesh and archana are married..bless them..
Exceedingly happy..i lived to see this moment.


Here are few videos I shot, quality is poor, so please excuse on that front. Also, I have zero understanding about the rituals, naturally, I cannot comment on them. right, here we go
Kashi Yatra – Check out the toys and rangoli


Couple swinging in a jhoola


Refreshment before the real action


Bride’s dad cleansing groom’s feet


Groom gifts a saree to his soon-to-be wife


Final build up before the climax, check out the crowd. By the way I was sitting in the first row.


The shaadi moment. Groom ties the sacred thread around brides neck, now they are husband and wife.


One last ritual, final moments of the ceremony


Bonus Video – I’m sure you would love this


This has been an extremely emotional day for me though my face or body language may not suggest that ( downside of being a Reddy, we aren’t expected to be emotional πŸ˜€ ). I still can’t beleive my chaddi yaar is a married man now ( yyaaayyyyyyyy yaaaayyyyyyy,,whistle whistle whistle )

I wholeheartedly wish and bless my dearest friend and his lovely wife a happy and joyful life together.