Small town kids

Since 1989 I been living in big cities. Which means almost all my schooling, college and major civic learning happened in a city. Till about 17, I had never really interacted with kids from rural background ( barring rare trips to my village ). Initially, I thought these were dumb kids. One guy didn’t even know how to switch on a PC ( all he had to do was push the power button ) another one would never open his mouth, during roll call, he just put up his hand. These kids looked very rustic and had no clue whatsoever about life in a big city. During the first year of engineering, I hardly interacted with these kids. However, as days went by I got talking to few of them.

From what I remember, most were gentle souls, unbelievably innocent and at times shockingly honest. I won’t say they were my best buddies then but I liked their company largely because I felt superior ( well it was more so because we city kids are manipulative and twisted. In short crooks )

You could clearly see the day light gap between a city bred bloke and a small town kid. Clothes, hairstyle, language, food habits, so very different. I will be honest, for long time, I perceived them to be lesser mortals. However, as time passed by, I got to know few of these kids from a close quarter. Their drive to learn and excel surprised me, also, very high levels of integrity and intelligence put me to shame. The guy who didn’t know how to switch on a PC is today a senior IT consultant with one of the largest IT companies in the world. Few work in America, few in the middle east. Almost all are doing exceedingly well in their careers.

My roomies during MBA days hailed from smaller towns, all of them. We shared great camaraderie, still do. In fact, I blindly trusted them, to an extent, one of them ( Vinayak Rajagopal ) held my ATM card. He made all my withdrawals, as far as I remember I never lost a Rupee. I do not think I would have been even half as confident to trust a city kid with my ATM card. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone ( I myself was raised in a big city ) it’s not about money, just that, life in a city is tricky. You never know when people change.

Based on my experiences, I always felt kids from rural upbringing are better mannered, sharper, intelligent and more importantly honest vis-a-vis skyscraper kids. Most of my good friends today are from humble village backgrounds. Yes, including the dude who didn’t know to power the PC. In fact he would be the first person I would call if I were to get into any kind of trouble, he’s my goto man.

These kids may not be writing blogs or making crazy number of Facebook updates or speaking fluent english but, they got their heart in place and believe me end of the day that’s what matters. To all my small town friends, you guys are wonderful, stay the same, forever.