A girl

I know this lovely girl from a far away land. I got to know her through a freak incident. Like most girls she’s dumb. I mean, brilliant kid yet dumb ( I guess, the guys would understand what I’m trying to say ). It didn’t take much time to establish the right connection. She lives in North America yet she sounded so “Indian” ( In a refreshingly good manner ). She was light hearted, polite, family centric and extremely sweet girl. It was difficult to understand her world, she was so secretive, still is. She wouldn’t share much about her life, me being myself never poked much into her life but yes, curiosity remains. Very rarely, she would share some insights and leave me bewildered, at times exasperated.

She is a smart young girl, writes fantastic short poems, I’m trying to coax her to sell them to Justin Beiber, guess he would do justice to her lyrics ( A secret – she herself is an excellent singer, maybe she should do a composition and post on youtube, What say girl?  😛  )

Another important facet of hers is her ability to turn around any scenario, I repeat ANY SCENARIO. She studies law, so, you see 😀 it’s tough, very tough.  However, I feel it’s her biggest strength, she can handle any scenario, I repeat once again ANY SCENARIO. Add to that she’s always like questions, questions and more questions. Most of the times she answers my question with a question 😀 phewwww I get little lost at times. I guess that’s the beauty of women, despite all their weirdness they still manage to charm you and hold your attention. ( provided you handle the verbal volley’s 😀 )

I would love to mention her name here but you see she would sue me :P. I just wrote this piece to tell her that despite all the fights and my psychotic behavior I always continue to have very high regards for her. Don’t allow crazy men like me to bring down your confidence or interrupt your growth. You are intelligent, sweet and amazing person, Keep going strong OK.

You must be aware, I do not write much about girls simply because it’s very close to my heart. I was raised with women ( read as sisters ), went to a school where girls were 3 times more in number versus the boys. No one had to train me to respect women. It’s something which came as naturally as  any of my other senses. I’m very sorry I been rude to you on several occasions, It wasn’t to demean or disrespect you. You know me well, hope you understand. Be a good girl and forgive me 🙂


People, do you have friends or loved ones you virtually lost due to your negligence? Wanna share?