A Story

I’m not a good story teller like Arvinth however, I thought I should share this short piece.

This is a story about 2 people, Tony and Jeena.

It’s a simple story. Tony used all his wits to push her away. He tried everything he could. “Jeena I’m a player, I slept with 6 girls at high school”. “Hey, Jeena, I’m getting married”. “Jeena, I like your friend, Can you introduce me to her”, ” Can you just leave me alone” , ” I don’t want to talk to you, Bye “, “I love drugs” etc etc. He made several attempts to get rid of her but somewhere in his sub-conscious mind he was already sold.

Jeena was a polite, pretty, calm girl. She never bought any of Tony’s ridiculous over the top excuses, for some reason she blindly trusted her judgement. No one could ever shake her faith in Tony, including herself. As you would expect she kept her cool and showered heaps of love on our hero Tony. Her child like laughter, unconditional love finally brought down the mad man. He said those magic words “Jeena, I love you“. Her joy had no limits, she wanted to fly. For the first time in her 21years of existence she was truly happy. Her voice said it all.

Even before Tony could start to appreciate her love for him fate struck a major blow. She was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal illness. She was dying. Which apparently was kept under wraps by her parents. However, both Tony and Jeena realized something was terribly wrong. Her health was deteriorating rapidly. Things went bad from there, seriously bad. She was confined to a hospital chamber, inside an sterile zone. Her only source of reaching out Tony was her ever faithful Nokia E71. Meatime, Tony being a mean, ruthless man wanted to get rid of Jeena, Yes! yet again. Actually, he was scared to go through the painful process of loosing his loved one. By then he had figured out that, she would never make it out of the ICU.  He said and did everything he could to destroy her confidence. EVERYTHING.

But no, there was no way she was going to let go her love for this man. Some strange cosmic force had bonded them into one, she called it ‘Love‘. The more he tried to force her out of his life, the more he fell in love with her. The tussle continued, it reached a point he wished she was dead. His pain pushed him to he edge, his last words, three days before her death ” Go Away”. She was an obedient girl she obliged. She was gone forever, never to come back again, never to trouble him again, never to cry, never to smile. She was dead. End of story? Yes, almost.

He was trying to hate her so much, he skipped her mails and FB messages for as long as he could remember. On that fateful day, as he came to terms with the most devastating news of his life. He opened her mails.



More and more I want to forget you
More and more I want with you forever
I do not realize when and how all this happened

I don’t want you to leave me, never leave me alone

I hope you are here forever, although you may not be my own

Our love story is beautiful, like paint on a canvas, so many colours, bright and dark. I wish the artist continues to paint more colours into our lives.

I‘m sure Ill be able to survive, as long as there is a place your heart

Tony, let me be part of your life.

God, today I swear to you. He’s the one I love. I will love him till my end, I will love him even when I’m in you arms. I’m sorry I love him as much as I love you. I can’t break my promise I made to myself.



All Tony could do was stare at his screen. He was speechless. As silence gained on him, reality sunk in,She was gone.