The bizarre world of Narendra Reddy

We all have a bizarre side to ourselves don’t we? Things which most people around us might never notice or know. One the outlook I believe I come across as any other guy in his late 20s however, there is a weird side to me which very few know. Here’s a sneak peak into my insane world.

1. Music is my life….NOT..NO WAY

I don’t enjoy music, I repeat I DON’T enjoy music. This is by far the most exasperating aspect of my life. I myself fail to understand my complete detachment from music. I simply do not relate to music. I can’t follow the lyrics, beats, rhythms, tunes blah blah, OMG, just can’t. My mind would shut down if I heard ( not listen, just heard ) music for more than 15 minutes. Whosoever says music is the soul of life, I’m sorry, I Wish there was no music, it’s such a bore.

2. Short cut to hell

Religious places scare me to death, especially Hindu temples. Ridiculously old structures, foggy atmosphere, dim lighting, chants of shlokas, sound of bells, all makes me go pale and sick. I never been to a temple in the last 8 years. My parents don’t even know their son’s an agnostic, poor them. Luckily for me, they never force me into any religious crap.

3. No Shopping, No Girlfriend

I shop alone. Yes! all alone. I seldom go with others, be it my purchase or theirs. By and large my shopping is need driven, not pleasure driven. I finish shopping in minutes. The first thing I  like goes into the bag and I’m out of there. No crazy number of trials or window shopping. ( Which means no girl friends.. lol )

4. Sweet tooth

I don’t enjoy Ice creams and Chocolates. I do buy plenty of Chocolates to give away to my friends ( especially the little girls ) however, I rarely eat them. This is largely because my dad never encouraged me to eat Chocos and Sweets. Yes.. Yes, at times I agree with him.

5. Life is a Party

I don’t attend parties. I feel so lost in the crowd. People act so fake at parties, it disgusts me. I strongly believe  parties are for losers, people go there to boost their self esteem.

I guess by now you would be wondering, How is he still alive? LOL ( Ok, not funny )

6. Giant Screen

I rarely watch movies at a Cinema hall. The last time I went there was in June 2009. In fact in the last 6 years I have seen only 3 movies at the theaters.  For some reason the entire movie going process makes me feel low . Moreover, It’s so dark out there.

7. I love myself for this

I don’t drink,smoke or do drugs. As a matter of fact, never tried. This has to go down as bizarre simply because I don’t know anyone else of my age in that category. With life in a large city where kids going nuts at an early age, I take huge pride for successfully staying clear from the unwanted.

8. I don’t text ( SMS )

Is it all real? Is he saying the truth? Can he still live happily? Does he have friends? Hello?

How Bizarre Narendra