Cricket chit-chat


World cup mania has hit its peak, in this season of runs and wickets, I decided to do a few quick questions with select pals on their take on WC. I went over Gtalk to capture their comments. Here are excerpts from the chats.



1. Selva Kumar, Business Development Professional

me:  cool
Right, here we go
1. Who in ur opinion will be the leading wicket taker?
Selvakumar:  Dale Steyn and morne morkel,  the most feared fast bowlers
me:  2. How many times a 300+ score would be chased down?
a. 1-2 b. 3-5 c. 5 & above
Selvakumar:  b. It is no more going be a difficult chase for top teams when an individual can reach 200
me:  yyaaaayyyyyyyy, super
3. Your pick for Man-of-the-series award?
Selvakumar:  Shane watson, He is perhaps the answer to Australia’s drought of a regular all-rounder
me:  Brilliant choice
Selvakumar:  🙂
2. Gowri Shankar, Software Professional
gowri:  let me try to answer
me:  its not a quiz..jus ur opinion
gowri:  ok
me:  1. Who will win the cup?
gowri:  India
me:  🙂
gowri:  am not telling coz  it is my country
India is a Good Team nw
me:  Totally agree, Bro
2. How many 100s will be scored over the tournament?
a. 5-10 b. 11-15 c. 15 & above
gowri:  answer : b
me:  cooollllllllll
3. Your dream finals?
gowri:  India Vs South Africa
me:  Interesting  :-D
I blv u want SA to choke n hand over cup to India  :P
gowri:  Yes
bcoz they are nt in Good at Big finals
just like us
me:  hahahahahhahaa
If you thought everyone in India is Cricket crazy, think again [ For privacy reasons and saving them from embarrassment, I have masked their names, they are good friends however, they don’t share similar enthusiasm towards Cricket ]

3. Consultant, SCM Consultant
me:  cool man
lets start
1. Who in ur opinion will lift the cup?
Consultant:  New Zealand  [ If NZ wins the WC, that will be nothing short of miracle ]
me:  lol, ok
2. Who will be highest run-getter?
Consultant:  is there any option of dont know ..or cant say
me:  no, jus go for one
Consultant:  honestly i dont know!! give me some option im poor in cricket
give me some option
me:  hahahahhaa..that wud do..dont have to answer..
3. Where will be the finals played?
Consultant:  yesterday i was asking my frd the same …wait
me:  ok, check
Consultant:  mumbai
thanks to wiki
i thought in pakistan!!
me:  lol
4. Mommy, HR professional and mom
me:  Gurl…I have 3 questions for u ..related to Cricket world cup 2011..i will take it on my blog..wud u be ok to answer
Mommy:  ayyooo
y do u have to choose me
i have to do cheating n answer
like ask ***** and answer ;)
is it ok for u
me:  :)lol
Bas, that’s all I wanted…I wnted such answers…i wont post ur names..but i will post ur reply

5. Wolverine, Student

me:  Hii Dude, have few questions rltd to world cup 2011..wud u be game to answer
Wolverine:  narendra.. sorry to say. i hate cricket :D
me:  hahahahahhahahaa
thts amazing…lol



So, you see not everyone of us is mad about cricket. Many have no clue on what’s going on 🙂