Can’t Act? No problem, You’re a Superstar

No birthday’s today :-P. I just wanted to take yesterday’s post a little further and write about few legendary actors who made it really big despite their serious deficiencies in the acting department. These men are towering figures in the Indian movie industry, no book on Bollywood can be ever complete without few episodes on these giants.

Dev Anand: The “Evergreen Star”. Indian version of Gregory Peck. Watching Dev Anand sway around, jump like a rabbit with his cumpulsive nod of the head is perhaps the most fascinating sights in Indian cinema history.I have always been a huge fan of Dev Anand, love to watch his movies. He was largely considered a sham artist who hardly emoted however, he did extremely well for himself. I like to believe somewhere deep inside he understood that movies are about entertainment and not neccessarily art or skill. Hats off to Dev saab.


This movie was made by him. So, he made sure everyone involved is overacting.


Raj Kapoor: I hate him however, just like his acting ( sorry, lack of it ) he sleep walks into this list. In my opinion he was extremely dreadful, his dead pan, bemused looks irritate me. Despite his disastrous acting skills, he’s one of the biggest movie stars India has ever produced.


Raj and Raj. This merger should have been a colossal disaster going by their quality of acting but, god seems to have planned something else, this movie went on to become one of the biggest blockbusters of all time.  😀


Rajendra Kumar: No actor in the entire Indian Cinema history has delivered as many hits as Rajendra Kumar. Invariably, most of his movies made past the 25 weeks mark. For his phenomenal success at B.O. he was aptly nicknamed “Jubilee Kumar“. If you thought it had something to do with his acting, think again. A piece of wood would have emoted better than him.


In this video he shows of his driving skills, as of acting 😀


Rajesh Khanna: India’s first superstar. He wasn’t as hopeless as the other men listed above. He gave few memorable performances along the way. In movies like Bawarchi, Namk Haram, Amar Prem and Anand ( which is one of my all time favorite movies, I don’t think any other actor of his generation could have done justice to that character ) he showed his mettle as an actor. Nevertheless, he wasn’t great at acting which led to his dramatic downfall in the second half of his career.


Seen here in one of his best ever performances  🙂   * Cheering away with joy *