My good friend Arvinth pointed out that I…

My good friend, Arvinth pointed out that I had been unfair by not including South Indian Stars in yesterday’s post. So,I’ll with one name. This man is world famous. Don’t be surprised if you see a Japanese or Turkish man singing his songs or imitating his style. He’s not an actor, not an artist, not even a legend, he’s a phenomenon – Superstar Rajnikanth. Out here we say ” There’s only one Sun, there’s only one Superstar, he’s our Rajnikanth”

Rajnikanth isn’t that bad an actor however versus his contemporaries he was Chai kum, paani zyada. Here are few of his outlandish larger than life Cinematic moments

This one’s my favorite. He hardly utters a word through out scene and still captures your attention. Only Big B can match that.


One of his most powerful scenes 🙂


I always felt his comic timing was amazing, check this out, watch out for his expressions. Cool