Who said I don’t look good…

In the last few years, I have become more and more comfortable about my looks. In fact, I have started to believe I’m “good looking“,  yes it’s true [ Ok, stop laughing ]. I repeat again, I believe I’m good looking. My confidence was sky high till my mom pulled out few of my old photographs, like an hour ago.  😦

Now, here’s the reality. Like most of us, I don’t post exciting photos ( like the one’s mom showed me ) on Facebook, which means I shift+del seventy percent of my photos and the rest thirty percent just about make me look good, which in turn gives me confidence and solace 😛

As a kid I won’t say I had a complex simply because in this part of the world I was considered “fair” skinned [ getting explicitly racist here, haan haan judge saab main racist hoon, chada do mujhe sooli pe ] and that is an huge advantage. So, it was more like I didn’t want to see myself in the mirror, that’s all.  😛

I don’t have the guts to share all the photos my mom showed me. However, here are 5 of the most irresistible passport size photographs from that dreaded album. By the way, you guessed it right, these are the worst amongst the best. I look far more charming in the rest. [ The other lot would simply knock you unconscious. poor you ]


WARNING: Watching the below photographs for more than 2 minutes may lead to seizures, nightmares, nausea and a possible heart attack.




5 – Clicked way back in 1997. I don’t know how my classmates felt about that. Hmmm…now I know, why no girl spoke to me at school.

4– This was during my last year at year school. Look at that silly moustache * idiot *

2– First year Engineering. Looked “Okay”. Finally few girls spoke to me

1 – It was clicked during the ICC cricket WC 2003. What a pity.

3 – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yuck! about to puke.


I won’t ask you to share your story because I know we all have these embarrassing photographs. All, I want to say is you’re beautiful ( So am I…Finally, I pull back some confidence, thanks to that cheesy closing statement )