The Real Heroes

What’s the difference between you and us? “I don’t wear hockey pads”   * mind blowing *

That’s batman for you, in his deep bass tone. The dark night, the outcast, the masked hero. I am sure we all fancied superheroes as kids and I still fancy them, how about you?

My fascination towards superheroes started quite early, muscle men like He-Man and Captain Marvel always got me super excited. I particularly enjoyed the larger than life frame where Adam raises his sword and proclaims “ By the power of grayskull..I have the power” sparks fly around transforming his tiger into a mighty battle cat and Adam becomes He-Man “the most powerful man in the universe” wooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! [ me at end of the spectrum 🙂 ].


Then there was the lesser popular hero Captain Marvel (Shazam!). As a kid, I was in total awe of his charismatic smile [ you will always find him smiling even if he is surrounded by scores of baddies ]. He too is blessed with superpowers and belts the villians with effortless ease.

Hey, not to forget the superheroines supergirl, batwoman, Elasti-girl etc they have successfully managed to charm boys across the globe. Their endearing smile, curvaceous bodies, killer looks combined with kick ass stunts made me scream for more. How I wish I had a girl friend like them [ Oh No! bad idea. What if I mess up? Imagine the beating I would receive? poor me ]

At School, I don’t remember seeing any fancy dress competition go without out a superhero clone. A friend of mine made an infamous superman act in his loosely fitted, bright red underwear, it was loose enough to evoke plenty of giggles from the girls. On a different day I saw a 3 foot batman struggling to keep his mask from covering his eyes [ come on kid, bat is blind right 😉 ] and bickering away at the older bullies. I am dead sure each one of us have dozens of such superhero memories.

What’s sad is though we watched them in awe, spent countless hours with friends discussing their extraordinary stunts, we simply never learnt the nicer lessons. Guess, just where the superheros had to be taken seriously my 2-d icons failed to go beyond the human evils, my superheroes won the battle…lost the war.